'Spaces for schools and families in Tate Modern, London.'

The Clore Hub provides a much needed new facility for schools and families in Tate Modern, London. IDK led the refurbishment team in close collaboration with the learning teams at Tate Modern. We designed a number of light touch interventions and furniture pieces into an existing suite of rooms to make the spaces more open and inviting to school groups and families. The result is a series of colourful interventions and playful forms on a simple backdrop of newly proportioned spaces. The work focussed on spatial adjustments and enhancements to fit the client’s evolving needs – from the scale of the desk to the scale of the room. The Clore Hub will expand the capacity of the learning teams at Tate to cater for a critical portion of the gallery’s visitors in the coming years.

Retrofit & refurbishment / Arts & culture
Collaborators: Cartlidge Levene, Counterculture LLP
Photography: Ollie Hammick / IDK