Design of a low carbon, low cost recycled storage facility.

IDK designed a warehouse to store a collection of antique wagons and renovated airstream caravans. Having explored multiple timber framed solutions in the search to deliver a low carbon structure, it was determined that the lowest carbon impact and most cost-effective solution would be to procure and adapt a second hand steel portal frame for re-use. By using a second hand structure, locally sourced to the correct specification from eBay, the design achieves the same building at a significantly reduced financial cost, with a recycled carbon cost of less than one tenth of the new-build equivalent.

This re-use of an old structure promotes new ways of thinking about our built environment and the role of designers and architects. By combining financial benefit with environmental impact, the design incentivizes responsible and sustainable decision making.

New build / Rural regeneration
Collaborators: Structure Workshop, M&P Gadsden