IDK is a team of architects, design researchers and social engagers. Through buildings, spaces, experiences and research we aim to unlock the potential of place and empower user-communities. IDK builds to make a positive impact.

We have worked for a mixture of social, private and public sector institutions. Selected clients include Tate, V&A, RIBA, Outside Devon, The Barbican, Meanwhile Gardens, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Rise Climbing, Forecast Platform, Goldsmiths University Press, MIT.

Building Purpose
We design in awareness of the fragile material world.
Our work is purposeful, responsible and maintainable.

Building Capacity
We partner with communities, organisations and people to build their capacity.
We facilitate them in shaping their places and spaces in the long term.

Building Awareness
We advocate for a diversity of culture, ecology and economy.
We deliver work that is holistically sustainable.

IDK is based in London and Paris.

Our culture is agile, supportive and built on trust. We empower our team to develop distinct creative practices: this is best for them, for IDK and, crucially, for our clients. We are committed to cultivating diversity within our membership. Our recruitment focuses on future potential as well as past experience. We listen closely to what members want to bring to the studio. Above all, we are committed to creating a positive, and inclusive environment at IDK.

Mike Lim
Worked for OMA in Hong Kong on large commercial, hospitality and education projects. On returning to London, he joined Matheson Whitely where he worked on cultural projects across the arts, hospitality, fashion and the private sector.

Roddy Bow
Worked for Lacaton & Vassal in Paris, most notably on the Palais de Tokyo and a series of innovative housing restoration projects. He has since explored creative practices which occupy the space between graphic design and documentary photography and has been commissioned by the likes of i-D magazine. Roddy is motivated by a vision of sustainability based on adaptability and re-use and a fascination for the communities gathered around the act of building and their use.

James Pockson
Worked for Herzog and De Meuron in London as part of the delivery team for the Tate Modern extension. Later, as a project architect at Nissen Richards Studio, he delivered temporary and permanent exhibitions and housing developments. James is a Lead Tutor at Cambridge University, teaching on the Masters in Architecture and Urban Design. He is passionate about a future that is technologically engaged and conservation lead, where the principles of ecological conservation - the preservation of biomass, inform the restoration of our built environment: the conservation of builtmass.

Past and present members include:
Ausra Kamicaityte
Alex Boyce
Barbara Banuls
Dan Stone
James Pockson
James Shackleton
Jessica Kendall
Kit Stiby Harris
Mike Lim
Natsuno Katashima
Rachel Leong
Roddy Bow
Sam Gomez
Zoë Spittle

We welcome speculative applications from potential collaborators. Please send your inquiry and portfolio (10MB max) to info@idk-o.com.

Members of IDK are actively involved in teaching, including at the London School of Architecture, an institution which has been developed from first principles to address various challenges facing access and inclusion in the architectural profession. We are currently in conversation with the London School of Architecture to explore ways of expanding our ambitions through becoming part of their network of progressive practices. IDK member, James Pockson is also a Design Fellow on the RIBA part II Masters Course at the University of Cambridge.

For the design professions to be truly equitable, access needs to be expanded at source. Lamentably, design and creative education in schools is increasingly marginalised. Therefore from our base in Walworth, south London, IDK is beginning a collaboration with a number of like minded local design studios to develop an outreach programme to expose local school pupils to various career opportunities within the sector.

IDK is presently pursuing a two key research trajectories through our projects and educational practices

Documenting Resilience
The record of people and place as a form of resilience. This work revolves around approaches to the continued documentary process of the people and places we work. We are growing a body of documentary research from our delivery of complex community led schemes in both urban and rural places. Our hope is that these artefacts of process have their own distinct agencies and serve to expand perceptions of how the built environment is actually made manifest and the scope of what architecture might even be.

Conservation Lead Futures
In our crises of biodiversity and climate collapse, newness, as a predilection for design, is no longer valid. Environments needn’t “solve” for anything in particular and must be designed beyond the political economy within which they are made. Therefore, only by nesting our built environment within - rather than on top of - the ecology within which it exists can we radically change the manner in which we think of building practices. We must look at all design through the lens of a radically reframed view of conservation:

Conservation of the built environment - built mass
Conservation of the broader ecology - biomass.

Various IDK members are on a path to attaining conservation accreditation and through this, aim to alter perceptions of the role of the historic environment in building a sustainable future.

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