'The revitalisation of a long standing community hall'

Owl Barn sits on a quiet lane in the centre of the historic market town of Ulverston, Cumbria. A somewhat neglected structure, this small building has been on cartographical record for over one hundred and fifty years. Its role as a gathering space in this neighbourhood of Ulverston is well established. The refurbishment project will breathe fresh life into this community space, creating consultation rooms, a large gathering space and kitchen flooded with natural light via a new roof with skylights. A ceramic tile facade will announce the contemporary face of the newly restored Owl Barn to the public lane it faces. The restoration is practical and symbolic in reclaiming the long-standing position of this important gathering space in the town of Ulverston for the next phase of its life.

The ceramic facade is based on a hybrid concept inspired by the form of agricultural barn cladding and the tonal qualities of moss, lichen and rocks, connecting nature and human culture in a harmonious and surprising way.

Retrofit & refurbishment / Community & well-being
Collaborators: Darwen Terracota