A low budget fit-out for a new cafe, bakery and restaurant in North East London.

Working closely with the Newington Table team, IDK opened up the restaurant to create an airy, laid-back and communal interior, with an open kitchen which was optimised for efficient operation. The approach to the space, which was previously occupied by an Indian restaurant, was to strip everything back to the principal shell, only adding where it would directly benefit the diner's experience.

Finishes were as-found or upgraded for function. This restraint was paired with bespoke joinery, which became the restaurant’s unifying feature. The benches, booths and seats are all made of Siberian larch, as is the nine-metre long banqueting table, which gave the restaurant its name. This practice of minimal intervention fit-outs has remained a touchstone in IDK's approach to delivering low-cost, high-value work for young and new businesses.

Fit out / Hospitality
Collaborators: Rupert Emerton
Photography: IDK