Bergen University Museum Exhibition Design In partnership with Studio Bergini & Counterculture

'Exhibition design proposal for two shows at the University Museum in Bergen.
In each instance, our display concepts were led and underpinned by the source material.'

Early Human Behaviours

Drawing reference from historic and ancient geology, Early Human Behaviours creates a cave like interior shaped from dip-dyed scrim panels suspended within the listed building. Inspired by the Blombos Cave and Kilpdrift Shelf, a series of anchor points act as scenic nodes that connect to the investigation sites and field laboratories of the archaeologists and research teams. The interiors naturally bring people together in learning, dialogue and exchange. 
By layering fabric strategically, we control light levels while allowing circulation and ventilation across the space. In specific areas we use the fabric as a projection screen for AV assets, and to conceal speakers, which can be supported on stands rather than fixed into historic fabric. This bolsters the sense of immersion creating a seamless and continuous surface.

Working with our 2d partners (Studio Bergini) we propose new typefaces, colours, and textures purposely different from the official museum standards, with the aim of designing a distinct identity for the exhibition that complements the exhibition architecture and objects on display. This reinforces the atmosphere of the ancient archaeological site and provides information in an immersive way, where all elements of the exhibition work together to tell the story with a unified aesthetic as the visitor moves through the space.

Bare Bones

For the display of the University Museum’s unique and vast collection of bones, skeletons and anatomies, we draw inspiration from the extraordinary scientist and artist Ray Bandar. Exploring the aesthetic quality of bones, the proposal presents the objects not only as fascinating biological records, but also as pieces of sculpture. The design proposes a dramatic, immersive display which celebrates the quantity and diversity of the museum’s collection of bones and skeleton creating a fully accessible exhibition to engage a wide range of audience.

Exhibition / Arts & culture
Collaborators: Counter Culture LLP, Studio Bergini