Building, action and representation to understand and communicate a resident-led community vision for the future of Trellick Triangle.

Since 2017, IDK has helped to establish, set up and act as a facilitator for CoMMET (the Council of Meanwhile, Metronomes, Edenham and Trellick). The charitable organisation is a collective of community partners created to created to amplify the voices of local residents in Trellick Triangle.

Trellick Triangle forms part of the Golborne Ward in North Kensington. It is one of the most deprived wards in the country within one of the most unequal boroughs. Yet it also possesses a distinct heritage, abundant green public spaces, and is home to a community that is socially and culturally rich. Under current Local Authority plans, the area faces significant change. CoMMET’s aim is to ensure the plans for the future of Trellick Triangle account for residents’ visions and voices.

To help protect the interests of those who live and work in Trellick Triangle, IDK has been providing advisory and strategic services which include: organising consultations and workshops, collecting and documenting the cultures that exist here through imagery, oral history recordings and event production, negotiating with local authorities to preserve significant cultural assets and community infrastructure, producing strategy reports and developing enactable co-design principles for use in large developments.

We believe that social infrastructures bind the built environment together but are often oversimplified or mis-understood in planning processes. The grassroots nature of many of Trellick Triangle’s institutions and groups makes them complex to navigate and developers and local authorities can be tempted to “tidy them up”. Through CoMMET, we are helping the community withstand this pressure by providing them with the capacity necessary to articulate their needs from spatial and organisational perspectives and paint a vivid and vibrant picture of their remarkable home. The outcome of this work has led to the protection of key community spaces in the estate and to the centring of the community living there in the next phase of development.


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