The refurbishment of a prominent and historic local building as part of a broader regeneration project in Millom, Cumbria.

The Millway building has been on record as part of the town of Millom since the 18th century. Over the course of its existence, the roof of the building has been raised and lowered repeatedly according to the economic fortune and prosperity of the town. The marks of these shifts can be read forensically on the brickwork facade. As part of a broader investment and regenerative ambition for the town, the scheme's primary intervention raises the roof once again, creating an upper floor which encompasses views over the surrounding landscape.

Historically a mill building, then the foreman’s office for the Millom Ironworks, the prominent structure has always been a central presence in the community. The building has been repurposed to house a series of accessible community spaces for locals and tourists visiting the remarkable coast and nature reserve that this former industrial centre has become. Interventions frame and work with the layered nature of the building. Using complementary materials, they shape the building’s light, adding modern services and ensuring the fabric is watertight. The building is a social and community institution in the town of Millom, a place where all people are welcome.


Retrofit & refurbishment / Community & hospitality
Collaborators: Structure Workshop, Max Fordham LLP, Sustainably Built, Barnes Walker, M&P Gadsden
Photography: IDK