Exhibition design concept for two permanent shows at Bergen University Museum exploring early human behaviour, and the permanent display of the Museum’s bone archive.

Taking reference from historic and ancient geology, IDK's proposal for Early Human Behaviours created a cave-like interior shaped from dip-dyed scrim panels suspended within the historic, listed Bergen University Museum. Inspired by two key archaeological sites, the Blombos Cave and Klipdrift Shelf, a series of anchor points formed scenic nodes that connected to the field laboratories of the research teams. The interior forms naturally bring people together in learning, dialogue and exchange.

For the proposal for the University Museum’s unique and vast collection of bones, skeletons and anatomies, IDK drew inspiration from the extraordinary scientist and artist Ray Bandar. Exploring the aesthetic qualities of bone, the display presented them as fascinating biological records as well as pieces of sculpture in their own right. Adopting the principles of mass storage display, the dramatic, immersive archive celebrated the diversity of the museum’s collection, creating a fully accessible exhibition to engage a wide range of audience.

Exhibition / Arts & culture
Collaborators: Counter Culture LLP, Studio Bergini