The regenerative renovation of a remote farmstead on the coast of Cumbria as a self-sustaining, off grid home celebrating the unique landscape and ecosystem.

The farm development aims to support and nurture a healthy, balanced home where life happens within and among nature, rather than looking to constrain, defend or shield itself from the extreme and variable, coastal climate. A long range regenerative masterplan brings together principles of permaculture, ecology and off-grid living that will, in time, develop a unique ecosystem shaped by its environmental context and the elements.

As a ‘whole-system’ the site learns from vernacular design and traditional methodologies, drawing from natural farming and regenerative ecological principles to create an exemplar case study for future rural developments. The fields, pastures and buildings will evolve and grow in continual feedback with the site over the course of days, months, seasons and years. By weaving ecology, off-grid sustainable technologies, responsive landscape design, growth permaculture and food together with a rigorous, hyper-localised environmentally responsive research and design process, IDK's approach speaks to the truly progressive ambitions of this unique project.

The farmstead will be self-sustaining, with different produce grown on site according to the changing seasons and soil conditions.
Drawing upon vernacular design and traditional methodologies, the farmstead will demonstrate the union of modern and traditional approaches in a “whole system” project.
Retrofit & refurbishment
Collaborators: AIBM ecology
Photography: IDK