Post Rational

Type: Research
Status: Completed
Collaborators: Dan Gavshon Brady

PostRational explores world-building and fictions as a critical and creative design tool. PostRational is an amorphous coagulation of skills, specialisms, skepticisms, interests and ideas.

PostRational works to three (3) principles
1. Scenes and artefacts, no plots or narratives
2. We design mixtopia - create another real life.
3. Unfold dialogics, not dialectics

PostRational explorations to date include:
Fatberg & the Sinkholes: A Report on the Findings of a Journey into the United Regions of England
Exhibit MO: A case study in reconstructive resilience
Entangled Flourishings: ideas in conversation with resisting reduction

PostRational work to date includes explorations in:
Architecture – Car parks - Common space - Cooperative biology - Cooperative design - Creative renewal - Cultural symbiogenesis – Design - Fatbergs - Future – Generative Design - Jobswaps - Land/Architecture – Market towns – Mixtopia - Pluralism – Regionalism – Research – Reduction - Resistance – Sinkholes – Terraces - Urban design - Worksongs


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